How to care for Lithops (living stone plants) in winter ❄️

My succulents collection by the window 😊
New growth 💪🏻 and old leaves drying up

Lithops are also called living stones or pebble plants, since they very much resemble stones and pebbles!

Lithops care in winter through to spring (depends on where you live) is usually a time when littler no watering is recommended. And especially when the old leaf pair is drying out and the new pair develop (as you see in my plant). If water is given too soon, the old “leaves” will try to continue to grow and the plant will not develop properly.

I’ll update this post with new pictures of my plant’s growth. Hopefully it continues to grow well … 🤞🏻

Thanks for dropping by to read this post and please share your experience with Lithops too!

A vlog on drying persimmons – by a popular Chinese blogger and internet celebrity

Just before this post, I published a post on Japanese persimmons which are in season now.

For the drying process (very similar between China and Japan), watch a video (below) by a popular Chinese blogger and internet celebrity- Li Ziqi 李子柒.

She has a huge following on YouTube, Weibo (the Chinese equivalent for microblogging). She makes vlogs of daily life especially in the Chinese countryside. If you’re interested in learning more about China – culture, food etc, you may find her YouTube channel useful. Click on this link to read more about her.

Her vlog on drying persimmons on YouTube has 36 million views!

Hope you’ll find her vlogs useful, interesting and as some viewers have commented on YouTube…relaxing and therapeutic ☺️

Kyoto in late autumn 🍂 and the healing sound of water 💦

I took a walk today around Arashiyama 嵐山. It is a place I go wherever I have the time. Today was a beautiful late autumn day. Blue skies and cold crisp air. I stood for a long time at one of my favorite spots of this very popular tourist attraction in Kyoto, famed for its majestic bamboo grove (though today I didn’t take photos).

My video doesn’t do justice to the scenic mountainous area and the rivers flowing (When I left… I thought why didn’t I take a landscape video instead 😅).

A video of late autumn in Kyoto
Bert enjoying the autumn sunshine
mitarashi dango☺️

Tender loving care!

a bud!!!

close up 😊


wait… not one but two!!!

Pretty proud of myself😊 this time. Previous air plants I had often ended up over watered …

I’m encouraged to keep growing these wonderful little plants and hope I’ll have more such photos to share with all of you soon!

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